Quack Quack

White and Brown Wild Duck on Water

If you love outdoor animals and have been looking into the various types of ducks, we have put together a small list for you. Although you might already know about a number of them, there are others out there that nearly all society continue to be oblivious to today. So sit back and relax. By the time you’re done reading this, you’ll definitely feel smarter in regards to the different varieties of ducks out there.

If this is a new name to you, it might be better called the knob-billed duck. It gets it’s name from the distinctive rounded piece on top of the bill. This tropical species spends most of it’s time at the parts of South America along with other areas like Pakistan, Madagascar, southern parts of China and some other places.

Known for it’s vegetarian eating habits, the Comb Duck spends most of it’s time trying to find seeds, little fish, and grain. They are drawn most often to rice farms and have been known to create several problems for farmers on a daily basis. You will find that they are one of those few duck species that enjoy perching themselves in trees to stay in shady areas.

Among the most colorful ducks you’ll find on the planet, the Mandarin Duck can be found spread around the continent of Asia. However, the majority of these species are farmed or put in zoos around the world for spectator viewing.

You can also find the Mandarin Duck in the uk, but several debates over their species have caused issues regarding security in the country. This is mostly due to the habitat being enriched with 1,000 pairs of male and females, but because they are not a native species there, they are left unprotected by conservationists.

Probably one of the most entertaining ducks to see, the Ruddy seems as if it’s shaving cream underneath the bill. This is very distinct on account of the blue bill on men together with their rustic look on the body.

This is just a number of several duck species across the world. While we shared some of the more intriguing ones, there are many who have tropical and colorful appeal. If you would like more details about the ducks above or others such as the Mallard, the Red-Crested Pochard, Muscovy Duck and lots of others, you can locate them below. Let’s have some fun!

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